Hamilton Beats Chandler After a Eight-Year Losing Streak

Jia Talreja

The Hamilton Huskies football team beat Chandler High at Hamilton High on Friday, Nov. 12, 2021 for the Battle of Arizona Ave.

After an eight-year losing streak, Hamilton has finally beat Chandler. Hamilton had lost to Chandler since 2013, but not this year as Hamilton picked their game up and beat Chandler. Hamilton won all of the varsity games they have played this year which puts them at No. 1 seed. At half-time, Hamilton and Chandler were tied at 14 points which automatically made the game a difficult one to win but in the end, Hamilton followed through. 

Hamilton’s varsity football season has been extremely successful. They have beat every single school they have played. Hamilton also won the Battle of Arizona Avenue rivalry game against Chandler. The stands were packed on both sides, and a lot of people were packed four deep on the field. The Huskies student section was loud, and it was one of the biggest football games in CUSD History as two nationally ranked teams played, and all of Chandler got to experience it.