Hamilton Dance Christmas Show Review


Melanie Roloff

The Hamilton Dance Company presented our school with their “The Grinch Stole Christmas” show in the school auditorium on Dec. 1-3 to entertain the audience.

The show performed a good number of dances, 31 in total. They did a variety of dances and songs; some being Christmas songs, some being pop songs, and some slow songs. A few of my favorite dances were “When I Grow Up” and “Halo.” HDC has been working hard for months to perfect these dances, and it paid off. Everybody was in sync and looked like professionals. They had a sold out show on their second performance, Dec. 2, and I attended the one on Dec. 3. The audience was great as well, constantly showing their support for the dancers. 

I am glad I got to go and I hope they do more shows like this one in the future.