Russian Hackers Infiltrate U.S. Government Agencies


Nolan Burke

The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) that was responsible for last year’s cyberspying of the SolarWinds IT company has continued to infiltrate US government agencies. Reports indicate that dozens of government agencies and companies have been targeted by the SVR hackers since then. Before the SolarWinds cyberespionage attack, SVR hackers had stolen data from over 100 companies.

SVR hackers use new, covert techniques to obtain data that they report to the Kremlin. The US cybersecurity firm Mandiant detailed the SVR hackers’ tactics in a lengthy report. The Mandiant chief technical officer, Charles Carmakal, claims that SVR hacking is an issue that requires urgent attention. Carmakal stated that “the companies that are getting hacked, they are also losing information.”

US President Joe Biden vowed to take actions against Russian cyberattacks. He has stated that Russia will face consequences for these hackings, and that the Biden administration has made multiple detailed requests for action. When Biden met with Russia in Geneva in June, he gave Russians a list of 16 US sectors that are off-limits for hacking. It is up to Biden to ensure that these requests are enforced.