Omicron Impacts on Hospital Staff Regulations


Sahana Donepudi

Dignity Health, a major health care provider in Arizona, has adapted the latest CDC guidelines regarding employee COVID-19 guidelines. Dignity Health has requested employees who have tested positive and feel well enough to continue working. The news comes as the country experiences its latest wave of COVID infection, as the omicron surges in the Valley and across the United States. More than 15,000 new COVID cases were reported in the state of Arizona on Saturday and Sunday. 

Due to severe understaffing and a surge of cases, hospitals are desperately under-resourced and are adopting any measures that will allow them to continue caring for all their patients. The new regulations have caused a lot of controversy as some healthcare workers and patients are increasingly concerned for their health. Other healthcare providers may soon be forced to accept this new approach as Omicron cases show no sign of stopping.