Salt or One Billion?: Governor Ducey’s Historic Investment

Brock London

Governor Ducey announced in his State of the State Address, plans to invest $1 Billion in a desalination plant. The plant expects to secure Arizona’s water for the next 100 years. The plant plans to extract saltwater from the Sea of Cortez. In his address, Ducey says, “Instead of just talking about desalination – the technology that made Israel the world’s water superpower – how about we pave the way to make it actually happen.”

Although the plan sounds great, state agencies estimate the budget of a billion dollars will only cover 20 percent of the total cost. Desalination will help with the 512,000-acre cut taken from the Colorado River year. With recent droughts, Arizona has needed more water, but there is more than one way to conserve water. Mckenzie Myers (10) states: “Not leaving the sink on when you do dishes, taking shorter showers.” These small changes can help conserve the daily water we use.” If Arizona ever ran out of water Aiden Price (10) says he would: “Find ways to reuse water or find a new place to get it from-find more sustainable ways.” Someplace “new” could possibly mean the ocean and asked if he cared. Price says “If we could purify it and drink from it, that would be cool.”