We Dine Together Club

We Dine Together Club

Ashna Singh

Have you heard of a place where new students can form friendships, understand school culture, and learn how to accept one another? If not, check out the We Dine Together Club at Hamilton.

This club is an amazing place where students can be themselves without fear. Students in the club participate in interactive assignments and group discussions and even dine together. The main goal of this club is to locate new students or students eating alone and letting them know that they can have people to sit with. 

The sponsor of this club, Steve Munzcek, states that, “Many students have joined activities they were not aware existed until club members informed them, and some club members made new friends with the students they ate with,” which is a pretty big accomplishment of this club.

This club does not have any meetings but when they do meet for specific reasons, it will be in C-211.  For any further questions, contact the club’s sponsor, Steve Munczek, at [email protected] or stop by at room C-211.