Arizona Healthcare Workers Seek More COVID-19 Safety Measures


Sahana Donepudi

In Arizona, more than 1,000 healthcare workers from across the state signed an open letter urging proactive COVID-19 mitigation measures, including enforcing mask mandates in classrooms and expanding testing sites. The letter was addressed to the governor to emphasize the urgent need for proactive measures to prevent the collapse of the healthcare system. The University of Arizona College of Medicine said that the hospitals are in horrific conditions and facing more preventable deaths. The letter especially focused on working on mask mandates in schools, providing more testing opportunities, implementing vaccine requirements and mass vaccinations.

Arizona has had the fewest number of available hospital beds since the start of the pandemic and the shortage of staff has forced the CDC to change its guidelines once again allowing asymptomatic healthcare workers to continue working. Emergency rooms and hospitals all over the state are reeling at this news and are concerned it will have detrimental effects on their patients and healthcare professional’s wellbeing.