Brightness brought to Traffic Control Boxes


Jia Talreja

The 2021-2022 school year students have brought new surprises including painting the traffic control boxes in the Chandler district. 

Have you ever walked on the streets and seen that it is very dull and bare? Well if you have, then here’s your chance to see that Chandler Unified School District students are doing their best to brighten the streets. In CUSD, specifically Hamilton High, student artists are painting the traffic control boxes to bring brightness to the streets. Each of the artists get paid 1,000 dollars to do this project which is funded by the City of Chandler’s economic development department and the arts commission but, according to ABC15, artists are doing it for the opportunity and exposure. 

Chandler now has 31 beautifully decorated traffic control boxes including the 16 done last year. Students from Hamilton High are also putting the Hamilton logo to display their pride in their school. “And sunsets we thought was the way to go, along with incorporating the Hamilton High School logo into the design. So when the kids meet here at the practice field, they can be proud of the school they go to.” says Local artist Annemarie Comes who worked with high school art students to redesign the traffic box near Ocotillo Road and Arizona Avenue in an interview with ABC15. Chandler is a very beautiful city and painting the traffic control boxes adds more beauty to it!