The Engineering Club


Brock London

On Feb. 19, Hamilton will be competing with fellow engineering classes of Perry, Casteel, and Basha in the Cardboard Boat Races. Mr. Jordan, the two year sponsor of the club, was initially worried about the competition. “How are we going to get enough cardboard to build about 15 boats?” Mr. Jordan said. It comes as no surprise that the cardboard boat races require cardboard to build the boats. Thankfully two local cardboard companies were generous enough to donate to the club two truckloads of cardboard boxes.

Despite the engineering program only being three years old, students have been able to make some interesting builds. “The last thing we made was a 52 inch wingspan remote control airplane, and we’ve been learning to fly it out on the field,” says Mr. Jordan. When asked what he enjoys most about the Engineering club Mr. Jordan responded, “Making and breaking things. Most of the stuff we do in class we make something, spend a couple weeks making it and then we test it to see what it can withstand before it breaks.” The club doesn’t just create builds to take home, they destroy them.

The engineering club helps expose students to the world of engineering. They also have multiple events beside the Boat Races including presenters from NASA and JPL coming in to talk to students. 

Check out D110 Mr. Jordan’s room for any more questions about the Engineering Club.