Exam Madness

Exam Madness

Tanisha Baliga

Starting in March 2022, all junior students everywhere are going to be stressed and going insane!

The American College Test (ACT) will be proctored on March 1, 2022. This exam has been taking place since 1959. The exam covers areas of mathematics, reading, writing and scientific reasoning. It takes place for almost three hours. That however is not the end!

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is an exam given by College bBoard. There are many sessions of this exam, but the March and May one are almost here! This exam tests students on mathematics and reading. This exam has breaks in between some of the sections and is proctored for a total of three hours. 

It doesn’t just stop there though! After the SATs, Advancement Placements (AP) take place. APs are another College Board provided exam. These exams however are subject specific. There are various exams that take place for about two consecutive weeks. Each AP class in high school has the equivalent difficulty of a college class, so these exams are used as college credit. Some colleges take only fours and fives for credit, while others take threes and above. Yet, there’s still more!

In May, all end of school exams start before summer break. Finals are just three tests in a row for each class you take. While some are harder than others, the stress is the same. Hopefully this exam season doesn’t drain everyone out.