The Internal Revenue Service Faces Worker Shortage in 2022

The Internal Revenue Service Faces Worker Shortage in 2022

Nolan Burke

IRS workers have an enormous backlog of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When Congress passes COVID legislation, the IRS has the responsibility to administer the programs. Workers from the IRS claim they are still working on 2020 tax returns. 

The IRS has warned US taxpayers that they can expect delays for several weeks, and they recommended that taxpayers fill out their taxes electronically. Taxpayers who are expecting refunds are advised to expect longer delays.

The IRS is underfunded, and the Biden administration promised to give additional funding to them via the Build Back Better Act. The Department of Treasury has reported that the IRS has three times the amount of work than they had in 2020. For the past two years, the deadline to file taxes has been extended due to the COVID pandemic. 

The tax filing season opened on Mon., Jan. 25. The IRS anticipates that most US taxpayers will receive any refunds within three weeks of when they file their taxes electronically.