Black History Month


Tanisha Baliga

For the month of February, each year people around the world celebrate Black History Month.

This month serves as a period to observe and commemorate the progress of the African-American community. This means celebrating the culture, traditions, heritage, triumphs and all that has brought this community together. It was decided that this celebration would take place in February because President Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglass’ birthdays are both in February. With both of these honorable people having an integral role in the rights of African Americans, it seemed to be fitting. 

The Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) creates a new theme each year. This year the theme is “Black Health and Wellness.” In light of recent events, including the murder of George Floyd, the ASALH wants to use this year as an opportunity to not only celebrate, but educate others on why it is important to understand the history and struggles of African Americans. 

This month is important since it gives background information in regards to how society got to where it is today and where it was long ago. The advancement of African Americans is commemorated throughout this month, and it is crucial for not just African Americans to know their history and heritage, but for others to learn about it as well. A more educated society on these matters helps propel society  to achieve more, for future generations.