Covid Cases in Arizona Decrease

Sahana Donepudi

On Jan. 22, the state of Arizona reported a pandemic-high 27,681 new cases. Two days later, the seven-day average for newly reported cases, which had dipped below 3,000 in late December, peaked at 20,788. By Monday, Arizona reported its fewest number of cases since before the Omicron outbreak. Other data points are also trending downward, such as hospital inpatients and positive at home tests.

Experts are relieved that signs seem to be trending downward and hope they will continue that way. The number of hospital inpatients with COVID-19 was at 3,348 on Sunday, down 6 percent from the omicron peak of 3,559 reached just three days earlier.In addition, last week’s percent positivity for diagnostic testing was 29 percent, down from the pandemic high of 34 percent recorded the previous week. Hospitals and emergency rooms are still extremely overcrowded and overwhelmed. Nurses and doctors all over the nation still do not have the resources to support patients. Proper protocol such as social distancing, mask usage, and vaccination are still the best way to prevent infection.