United Airlines Starts New Aviation School

Brock London

United Airlines opened up the United Aviate Academy in Goodyear, Ariz. on Jan. 27.

Becoming the first Major US carrier to own a flight school United Airlines has been challenged with lawsuits over an attempt to fire 600 employees who refused to get the vaccine. Two-thousand were exempted from getting the covid vaccine, by having a religious or medical excuse, but were given leave without pay. With many Airlines becoming smaller over the pandemic, carriers hope to hire more pilots in 2022: American Airlines wants 2,000 pilots, Delta 200 every month. It can be dangerous to treat the situation as though it is temporary as a pilot shortage can last for months.

A United Aviate student, Adella Gallegos, said in an interview with CNN 10: “I like the control, I like the freedom, I like being in the air.” Gallegos had no flying experience in the prior month but is now in the pilot seat of a United jet. The Airlines now has a starting class of 60 students.

The CEO of the United Airlines, Scott Kirby, quoted on the United Aviate website: “Over the next decade, United will train 5,000 pilots who will be guaranteed a job with United, after they complete the requirements of the Aviate program.”