HHS Black Student Union Spirit Week

Tanisha Baliga

Hamilton High School’s Black Student Union organizes a spirit week for Black History Month during the second week of February. 

Hamilton High School’s Black Student Union (HHSBSU) organized a spirit week in honor of Black History Month. The month commemorating African American history, tradition, culture and achievements is being celebrated in our halls thanks to HHSBSU. This spirit week spreads awareness about Black History Month and why it is so important to our society today. 

Monday: “Club Shirt/Team Sport,” wear your BSU club shirt. Tuesday: “90s Style Day,” dress in the style of the 1990s. Wednesday: “HBCU Day”, wear a HBCU/Historical Black College or any college shirt. Thursday: “Blackout,” dress in black to represent unity. Friday: “Black Excellence,” dress in your sharpest business attire. 

Help support the HHSBSU by dressing up and showing your support for Black History Month.