Phoenix Hospital, Abrazo Health, Announces New Heart Procedure


Sahana Donepudi

On Feb. 8, Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital announced a new heart procedure, becoming the first facility in the Phoenix area to offer it. The procedure uses the Amulet device that is a treatment option for irregular heartbeat patients at risk for ischemic stroke, also known as AFib. The amulet device will block blood clots coming from the heart to the brain, which will reduce the need for blood thinners. For people with AFib,  their atrial appendages can allow blood to pool and increase the risk of clots. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death for men and women in the United States. The amulet device will allow for a minimally invasive treatment to reduce risk of an ischemic stroke. Around 87 percent of strokes in the United States are ischemic and this device will help reduce heart strokes greatly.