Interim Club Meeting

Interim Club Meeting

Brock London

Meeting every quarter of the year the interim club is a meeting of all of Hamilton’s clubs. The Vice President of each club was asked to attend last Wednesday’s club in H-Hallway. 

Representatives from clubs such as football, GSA, Smash Bros, Speech and Debate and many more all attended. Sports clubs such as girls soccer and football also attended as sports are considered clubs.

Being a skill with around 60 different clubs it’s important that Hamilton has a collaboration between their clubs. The BSU needed posters made for their Spirit Week celebrating Black Excellence last week. They teamed up with STUGO as the student council was able to provide them the posters they needed. It’s important that this collaboration between Hamilton’s clubs continues. 

At the meeting a simple mini game was played. Each representative had to circle around and pass a ball to each other. Whoever caught the ball then would have to introduce themselves and their club and an interesting fact about themselves or the club they’re representing. It goes to say that everyone had a great time. Anyone interested in more information about the club contact [email protected] for more information.