New Bill in Arizona Would Prevent Paramedics From Diagnosing Patients


Sahana Donepudi

Reports have shown that paramedics and firefighters have shown that some patients may have been counseled out of going to the emergency room. A representative in Arizona has introduced a new bill that would prevent paramedics telling patients to return home.

The bill states that paramedics do not have the qualifications to advise people without health qualifications. Research shows that a significant number of non-transports have occurred in Arizona. He believes the firefighting departments should do more to ensure that firefighters aren’t counseling patients.

A spokesperson for the Phoenix Fire Department said firefighters and emergency medical technicians are following protocol. They stated that they cannot deny citizens the right to decide whether they want to go to hospitals or not. The bill has other requirements that critics say would create too much costly red tape for fire departments. A preliminary version of the bill was heard at the Arizona House Health and Human Services Committee on Monday.