Algebra 2 May No Longer Be a Required Course for Arizona High School Students


Sanaya Gupta

Algebra 2 is a class all Arizona high schoolers have to take in order to graduate. House Bill 2278, however, is working to remove that requirement, and hopes to give students other options to complete the four mandatory math credits in order to graduate high school. Rep. John Fillmore, R-Apache Junction, is sponsoring HB2278.

The bill proposes that after completing Algebra 1 and Geometry, students could choose courses other than Algebra 2 to meet the four years of math required to graduate. 

Some feel Algebra 2 is a somewhat useless class that would not impact students if removed from requirements. Supporters of the bill say many of them have not used Algebra 2 since high school and it is a class that makes it difficult to graduate from high school. These people think that there are many other more important classes, such as personal finance classes. 

The Arizona Department of Education opposes this bill. Those who oppose the bill say Algebra 2 is highly necessary for higher levels of education. “I think we need to keep Algebra 2 because it is a course in the sequence that prepares students for higher learning at the college and university levels,” says Elizabeth Leybeck, assistant principal and former math teacher at Mesquite High School.  

Currently, the bill is in the Senate after passing through the House with a 33-26 vote.