Huskies Boys Basketball Advances in The State Championships

Brennan Miranda

On Tuesday Feb. 23, The Hamilton Huskies went up against the Sunnyslope Vikings. Going into this game, the Vikings had the advantage. They had better stats, a better record and it was certain that they were the ones who would come out victorious. The Huskies proved everyone wrong and came out with their heads high. At half time, the Huskies were losing by four points. The scoreboard was 18-14 in the Vikings’ favor.

No one scored during the third quarter, but the fourth quarter is where the action started to happen. Hamilton and Sunnyslope kept scoring back to back going up by points every minute. 25-27, 32-27, 36-27, 36-33, 37-35. The game was neck and neck with the Huskies and the Vikings scoring back to back. 37-37, 38-37, 39-37, 39-40, 41-40, 42-40. The game finally ended with Hamilton having 43 points and Sunnyslope having 40 points. The Sunnyslope High School Vikings are s no longer in the number one spot. Hamilton moves on in the semifinals and goes up against Boulder Creek.