Iran Seeks to Restore its Nuclear Deal


Nolan Burke

Iran’s top officials said on Monday that Iran intends to revive its nuclear deal in 2022. The nuclear deal has been discussed for almost a year now, but experts argue that negotiations could end soon. In 2015, the US and Iran agreed to an accord that put restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program. President Joe Biden said that if the US returns to the nuclear deal from 2015, then the US would finally be recommitted to the international agreements that President Donald Trump left. Biden argues that because of President Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal, Iran’s leaders became motivated to rebuild its nuclear program.

According to reports, Iran may have a sufficient amount of nuclear fuel to create a bomb, but not a warhead. Iran, however, states that their nuclear program is intended for peaceful purposes, and even the International Atomic Energy Agency, an organization under the United Nations, states that Iran is likely not working on a nuclear bomb. The Biden administration is searching for ways to return to the nuclear deal, and Republicans will be attempting to block the bill from passing. It is up to the Democrats to see if the US will return to the deal.