CUSD Adds Virtual Reality To Learning!


Jia Talreja


Chandler Unified School District looks into adding virtual reality to learning in 2022. 


Have you ever sat in class just watching the clock because it is going so slow and you are so bored? Well guess what, you don’t have to be bored anymore! CUSD is adding virtual reality to schools to help enhance the learning experience for students. With this new system, students can take field trips and learn things by seeing them vividly while just sitting in a classroom. This new idea of virtual reality learning will allow students to have fun with what they are learning and see it from a different perspective than a slideshow on the board. 

The virtual reality headset was given to CUSD in partnership with the Chandler Compadres. Administrators are saying that the purpose of this is not to replace teaching, but just to make it more fun and interesting. “The future is not about developing technology, that’s already happening now,” said Chandler USD Superintendent Frank Narducci to the Community Impact Newspaper. “We have to be ahead of the technology and be especially ahead of what we want our students to be able to experience here.” This shows the overall aim of CUSD implementing these technologies.