Volunteers Aid Ukrainian Military


Nolan Burke

Ukrainian volunteers have come to the assistance of the army in the last several weeks. They have provided bullet proof vests, medicine clothing for the soldiers in service. Some volunteers have been actively involved in the fighting. The Ukrainian martial law mandated Ukrainian men from the age of 18 to 60 to fight, but women had no obligation to. However, some have joined the conflict, fighting on the front lines. Historically, Ukrainian women have been fighting in wars since World War I. It was a century later after the first Ukrainian woman fought in a war that the first American woman did. In Lviv, Ukraine, there is a library-turned-command center where volunteers create camouflage nets for the soldiers.

In Ukraine, the combat spirit is currently strong, which speaks to the tenacity of the soldiers and the commitment of the volunteers. Though martial law was called, some men are not being called up to duty because the military has a significant number of volunteers. The military has even turned away volunteers due to the sheer number of them.