Icy Weather Threatens Fruit Crops in France


Nolan Burke

France has experienced frosty weather in March that has threatened fruit crops. In 2021, French farmers experienced a similar bout of frosty weather, ultimately killing $2.4 billion worth of crops. An investigation from the World Weather Attribution confirmed that the incident was made more likely due to climate change. French officials labeled the damage as unprecedented, stating that it was an agricultural catastrophe on a scale unprecedented in this century. 

French vinters, people who work in vineyards, have coped with the frosty weather by spraying buds with water, covering them with electrical lines or even placing paraffin candles on the soil. However, with limited resources, farmers are unable to protect all of their crops.

Temperatures have reached levels even lower than in 2021. Other countries such as Switzerland and the Netherlands are experiencing the same as France. Farmers speculate that despite their precautionary measures, the frosty weather will damage a large quantity of crops and affect the entire growing season. Some farmers have set up irrigation systems to help the crops withstand the weather.