Mental Awareness Week

Mental Awareness Week

Brock London

This week Bring Change 2 Mind hosted their annual mental awareness week.

Meeting on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week, the club had presentations from themselves, Inspired Entertainment, and ASU. 

To sign up for the event Hamilton students could scan barcodes in the hall or codes provided by teachers. 

Tuesday was BC2M personal presentation where they listed ways on how students can change their mindset by practicing mindfulness. The group also provided gifts that participants can earn if they answered correctly to questions about the event. Gifts included: candy, scented candles, stickers, face mask, LED lights and hydro flask that could be won in a raffle. 

Wednesday the event was occupied by Inspired entertainment: a group of middle and high schoolers who dance, sing  and perform for schools to raise awareness on mental health. 

Inspired entertainment had 15 members perform songs like “Dig a Little Deeper” from “Princess and the Frog” encouraging students to find value in themselves. “This is Me” from “The Greatest Showman” encouraged students to accept each other as they are. They also did their own spin on Bruno Mars’s “Treasure” changing lyrics like, ‘let me treasure you’ into, ‘let you treasure you.’

The group performed for 30 minutes with multiple songs and speeches.

On Thursday the annual week was wrapped up by another presentation from ASU devils4devils. Presented by the president of the college club their presentation hit on topics from Tuesday’s meeting wrapping up the week-long event. 

Make sure to thanks Ms. Haddad the sponsor of the club and the rest of the BC2M club members on their hard work last week.