Ongoing Invasion from Russia Until Goals are Met

Ongoing Invasion from Russia Until Goals are Met

Jose Chavez

Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed on Tue., April 12, that the invasion would continue until their demands are met, despite their major withdrawal and significant losses.

Russian troops now focus on the eastern Donbas region, where Ukraine said they were investigating a claim that poisonous substances had been dropped on its troops. It’s still not clear what the mysterious substance could be, however Western officials warned that if any chemical weapons were used by Russia it would be a serious escalation of the already devastating war.

The Russian invasion started on Feb. 24, with the goal, according to Western officials, of taking over Kyiv, the capital, toppling the government and installing a Moscow friendly regime.

During the past six months, the ground advance stalled and Russian forces lost potentially thousands of fighters and were accused of killing civilians and other atrocities.

Putin insisted Tuesday that his invasion aimed to protect people in parts of eastern Ukraine controlled by Moscow-backed rebels and to “ensure Russia’s own security.”