Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Club


Tanisha Baliga

Aditi Daga, the Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) President for Hamilton High School, talks about the club and its mission throughout the school year.

Aditi Daga, a junior at Hamilton High School (HHS), is the president of the Women in STEM chapter here at HHS, since 2020. Daga says, “the club is about empowering and encouraging high school girls to be a part of the movement to increase female representation in STEM.” Daga felt that it was important to start this club because she wanted to “create an environment that promotes STEM careers,” specifically high school girls, because many are still unaware of the gender gap in STEM. 

The club has a variety of different activities and events. This includes inviting guest speakers that are studying or have a career in STEM and collaborating with other elementary schools to increase awareness on the topic. They also do presentations on well accomplished women in STEM as well as organize debates and discussions about the issues that women in STEM endure throughout their career. Additionally, the members of the club make their own kahoots on the topics which relate to women in STEM.

Even though the club has 30 members right now, Daga has hopes to grow the club in number and believes that through their partnerships with elementary schools and other HHS clubs, this will be an achievable goal. Daga also hopes that as of next year they will be able to partner with schools internationally, like schools in India, to do STEM related workshops with the female students at these schools as well as resume building in the club itself. 

This club is definitely going to make a difference and it can already be seen through the amazing work the members are doing so far!