China looks to learn from Russia failures in Ukraine


Jose Chavez

With Russia failing to invade Ukraine no other country is paying closer attention than China to how a small and outgunned force is beating Russia, Wednesday, April 20.

China has been ambitiously reforming its Soviet style military and expert leader Xi Jinping will be examining the weakness revealed by the invasion of Ukraine to apply to his own People’s Liberation Army and his design on the self governed island Taiwan.

Taylor Fravel, director of the security studies program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said what exactly are Xi and the PLA leadership must be asking in light of Russian operation in Ukraine is whether their military has gone through extensive operation if they are capable of more complex plans than those of Russia has taken during the invasion of Ukraine.

Experts are stunned that Russia invaded Ukraine with seemingly little preparation and lack of focus on a campaign along multiple, poorly coordinated axes that has failed to effectively combine air and land operations.