Project FUTRE Aims to Help Families with Substance Abuse


Sahana Donepudi

A program at the University of Arizona Health Sciences aims to support children and families impacted by substance abuse. It’s called Project FUTRE, which stands for Families Uplifted Through Recovery Education, is a program that trains people in the community with lived experiences to help support the families. The program consists of two parts: level one certification training and level two apprenticeship. Level one trainees study for six months for about five to 10 hours a week with hands-on practice. Level two trainees are placed in a year long, 40 hour a week apprenticeship program with one of the project’s partner agencies, which includes COPE Community Services and Banner Whole Health Clinic. The program is in the middle of its third cohort now and has already graduated 21 para-professionals. The opioid epidemic in Arizona has become worse over the past few years and by addressing these issues the program aims to fill gaps in the workforce.