Turkey Launches Ground Offensive in Iraq

Nolan Burke

Turkey’s ground offensive in Iraq on Monday led to the deaths of 19 people. They were rebels from the Kurdish people- an Iranian ethnic group in Western Asia. This news was reported by the Turkey defense minister. Defense Minister Hulusi Akar stated that specifically, the Turkish military sent jets, which hit tunnels and headquarters that belong to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, also called the PKK. The Kurdish forces have not made any comment on the event, and there have been no other reports to verify the defense minister’s statement.

In the last few decades, Turkey has been launching ground operations against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. This newest offensive has been called the Operation Claw Lock. The specific number of jets involved in this latest operation is unknown. However, Akar says that the attack was necessary, as it has proven successful in neutralizing terrorists in Western Asia. He has stated that the attack was done specifically to target terrorists and prevent damage to civilians. 

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party has been called a terrorist organization by the US and the EU. Their forces have killed tens of thousands since their inception in 1984.