LG Battery Plant


Brock London

Governor Ducey has announced a historic investment from LG energy Solution, that will provide thousands with good paying jobs in the state.

LG Services, a global battery producer, has invested 1.4 billion in Queen Creek, Ariz. Ducey announced the company’s plans on Tuesday with construction starting in the summer. 

The building is planned to be a “smart facility” allowing LG Energy Solution to meet demands while maintaining balance in the marketing environment of Arizona. WIth the help of technology from ASU and other investors Arizona is easily becoming a high-tech manufacturing state. 

LG is not the only technology company that has invested billions into the Valley. TSMC, Lucid, Nikola, ElectraMeccanica and Intel have all invested in the state. Intel Being in a few miles from Hamilton is easiest for students to point out.

Arizona is thankful for the tech companies investment and can’t wait to see how production goes in the Spring.