DECA Officer Application

DECA Officer Application

Brock London

Hamilton High School’s DECA allows students to prepare for their colleges and careers while also allowing them to serve community service hours.

Currently all officers of the club will either be graduating or moving in another direction. The DECA club recruited Hamilton students to fill up the position with the interview process happening last Thursday. At least 13 students applied for the position with an essay. Dr Thompson, the club sponsor, includes the essay as she says, “I want to see where their head is and where their heart is. A lot of children sometimes want to have the title and won’t take responsibility for the club.” The Essay helped make sure that those applying for the position knew where their heart was at.

The DECA club has had an amazing year from receiving letters of accommodations, competing in competitions, and going on college tours. DECA also allows all of its students the chance to get volunteer hours: “ I have not had any students that did not do volunteer hours,” Dr. Thompson said.

Dr. Thompson explained to anyone interested in joining the club she says, “If you’re serious about learning what life is about and the tools to be able to not just survive but thrive. That’s one big part.”

 If you’re interested in joining the DECA club next year, reach out to Dr. Thompson for more information!