Greece Holds Easter Celebrations without COVID-19 Restrictions


Nolan Burke

Greece held Easter celebrations this year without any COVID-19 restrictions. For three years, COVID has put a stop to any and all large gatherings. This year, thousands of Greeks are gathering at churches and events for the festivities. One such event is the “botides,” which is when clay jars are dropped from balconies. They fall, crash, and drench the pedestrians on the ground. Originally meant to ward off evil spirits, the event today is common in Corfu, Greece. 

Fireworks have gone off in most Greek cities to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. Greeks in Chios have even gone so far as to throw fireworks at each other, often causing injuries. Churches on this island have taken precautions by covering their buildings in chicken wire, though this year no one has been reported as injured. According to police reports, eleven people in Athens, Greece, have been detained for throwing firebombs, of which 27 have currently been found. The Monday after Easter is also a holiday, ensuring that people make it home without injury. This year, the festivities were even more intense, as the country of Greece had gone without them for three whole years.