Russia Threatens to cut Natural Gas to NATO and Western Nations


Jose Chavez

Russia threatens to cut off natural gas from the two NATO countries Poland and Bulgaria on Wed., April 27.

They have been threatening other NATO countries, dangerously escalating the standoff with the west over the war in Ukraine. European leaders decried the moves as “blackmail.”

A day following the U.S. and other western allies vowed to speed more heavier weapons to Ukraine. The Kremlin used its most essential export as leverage against two of Kyiv staunch backers. European gas prices skyrocketed on the news.

 This tactic from Russia could eventually force the targeted nation to ration gas and deal another blow to the economy, causing prices to rise. However, it could also deprive Russia of badly needed income to fund war efforts.

Western leaders and analysts depicted the move by the Kremlin as a bid to divide the allies and undermine their united support of Ukraine.

Poland is a major gateway for the delivery of weapons and it is confirmed this week that it is sending tanks to Ukraine. This is as a vocal proponent of sanctions against the Kremlin.