Tensions Rise between Iran and the Taliban


Nolan Burke

Hostilities are escalating between Iranian and Taliban border guards over the last few weeks. At the Shiite Site, a place regarded as Iran’s holiest shrine, a foreign man attacked three clergymen. The attack is alleged to have been conducted by a migrant from Afghanistan. Experts argue that the tensions may spiral out of control, even possibly causing another war. In the desert from Pakistan to Iran, over 5000 Afghans walk every day, often becoming subject to smuggling. Besides the shrine attack, the Iranian Consulate was also set on fire by Afghanian demonstrators.

Iranians run the risk of being smuggled and held hostage, forced to eat stale bread until their relatives give the smugglers the ransom money. The currency of Iran- the rial- has depreciated to 50 percent of the value it had in 2018. According to political analysts, Iran is not in a position to best handle the refugee crisis. Protests have been staged in Kabul, Afghanistan, and videos of violence have surfaced on social media. Understanding the conflict, the governments have been pursuing diplomacy, hoping for a peaceful solution to the crisis.