Enrollment in Arizona Schools Drops


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Jia Talreja

Enrollment of students in Arizona schools has dropped after 2019 and studies show that it was due to a few different reasons. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused issues for many schools as well as students. During the 2020-2021 school year, many schools were transferring online. This caused issues because of language barriers with some students so they were not able to enroll online causing them to miss a year of school. Parents were also keeping their children out of kindergarten rather than going through the hassle of enrolling them in online school. This led to a missed year of learning and some students dropping out as well. 

In addition to dropping enrollment rates, the average number of absences in schools is going up. In January 2019, the absence rate was seven percent but in January 2022, it shot up to 16 percent. “If you are missing additional instructional time, then obviously you are going to fall behind,” said Paul Perrault, one of the study’s authors to azcentral. This shows that absence rates contribute to the amount of information that a student is learning.