Hamilton Senior Graduation


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Jia Talreja

As the 2021-2022 school year comes to a close, senior huskies are preparing for their graduation on May 26, 2022. 

Seniors have their last week of high school from May 16, 2022 to May 20, 2022 and they are beyond excited to graduate. Huskies are having the most fun they can these last few days, celebrating different traditions and customs. They recently had senior sunrise on May 11, 2022 where many students woke up at 4 a.m. to see the beautiful sunrise and spend their last special moments with their friends. This last week, seniors are having senior prank week and spirit week as well which consists of college or career day on Monday, toddlers vs senior citizens on Tuesday, style swap on Wednesday, rodeo day on Thursday, and lastly tropical day on Friday. In addition, for a last final celebration before graduating, senior Huskies are having a paper toss on May 20, 2022 in the main hallway after fourth class hour. 

To have some more insight on the mindset of a graduating senior, let’s look at what Katerina Rohrs has to say. When reflecting on her past high school years and the upcoming future, Rohrs describes, “By going to ASU, I can focus on my future career while meeting new people. The new experiences I have will open my eyes for new things such as rushing for sororities and attending college football games. I plan on studying abroad to expand my horizons in other countries and cultures.” Overall, Rohrs is elated to enter the real world and encounter the new paths and opportunities life has to offer. Hamilton Huskies are going out with a bang!