Husky Seniors Celebrate Last Week of School


Tanisha Baliga

Hamilton High School seniors celebrate their last week on campus through a series of pranks. 

The Senior Class of 2022 commemorate their last week in school by participating in pranks. In the week of May 16 to May 20, the seniors hold pranks each day on the underclassmen. Monday: Karaoke in the Cafeteria between third and fourth  hour, Tuesday: Nap in the Main Hallway between third and fourth hour, Wednesday: Fashion show in the cafeteria between third and fourth hour, Thursday: Stampede throughout the school, Friday: Tailgating before school and enter school in a conga line, a hula hoop contest in the main hallway and the paper toss after fourth hour.

The Seniors will surely enjoy their last week and we wish them the very best of luck in their college journey ahead!