Mindfulness Room Offers Students A Place to Unwind

Mindfulness Room Offers Students A Place to Unwind

Prisay Abid

Hey Huskies! Looking for a fun, relaxing time to unwind during lunch? Look no further than the Mindfulness Room! In the Mindfulness Room, there are many activities to help you calm down during some of the most stressful and busy days.

Relaxation has many benefits, especially for students. Regular sessions of relaxation can help you feel more rejuvenated, improve your mental health and concentration, which in turn helps you to do better in school. 

 Activities include guided relaxation and breathing exercises, self-care, workshops, and individual quiet time to clear your mind. There are a multitude of benefits for doing these activities. It can decrease stress, help with mental and physical health and it allows you to meet new people and make friends. 

The Mindfulness Room is open Monday-Thursday, during your lunch period. To be able to attend, please sign up by using the QR code, and show your confirmation email to a security guard to go to the room.