Biden vs. Trump (2020 Election Fraud?)

Abigail Schrauth

Politics. As often enough, it becomes a fundamental aspect of life given to each child by their parents whether it’s known or not. Chandler, Ariz. is a mostly democratic area with 50.1 percent of Maricopa County voting for the Democratic party in the 2020 Presidential Election. The Republican party managed 48.0 percent, although as close as it was, it is safe to assume which side of the spectrum Chandler remains on. The state of Arizona usually remains Republican, but flipped unexpectedly. So what about the rest of the states?

Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia are the other states that flipped unexpectedly to the blue side during the 2020 Presidential Election. Wisconsin has flipped many times but mostly remained a strictly conservative state. However, this time running, every electoral vote was cast for Biden. With rumors about the 2020 presidential election is it possible the Democrats have manipulated the ballots to get Biden into the White House?

Being born and raised in a small county in Wisconsin, to see it flip blue became a shocking discovery that continued to raise many suspicions. Kamala Harris and (now president) Joe Biden are the two people my state despised. The whole midwest is known for hunting, we adore our weapons as much as using them. With Kamala Harris threatening to confiscate firearms and take away the people’s second amendment, the people of Wisconsin became highly cautious. With the polls allegedly being duped, the Midwest becomes weary to destruction. 

Enough Republican citizens have created theories or conspiracies surrounding the 2020 election between Biden and Trump for it to become an investigation. Voting machines processed and/or deleted votes for Donald Trump, Sharpie markers invalidated Trump’s vote in Arizona, mail-in voting was susceptible to fraud, people were throwing away ballots and “finding” suitcases or bags full of ballots, poll watchers were blocked from observing the voting, even dead people voting along with many double voting. 

Are these conspiracies true? Or are they proven to be false?