The Biden Administration’s plan to “Fill in the gaps” to Trump’s Wall

Nick Kier

The Biden administration is filling in the gaps to Trump’s wall, this comes just weeks after Gov. Abbott, of Texas, sent buses carrying nearly 9,000 immigrants to New York to show the strain of having the responsibility of immigrants entering the US from Mmexico. On July 28, The Biden administration announced their plan to “fill in the gaps” to former president Donald Trump’s wall, which was started back in July of 2017. This plan doesn’t go into details on how the wall will be built and who is paying for it, but new sections of the wall will be added indefinitely. Following Biden’s plan to finish the border wall he asks the Mexican President,  Andreás Manuel Lopez Obrador, to provide $1.5 billion to help deal with the surge of  migrants coming from his country going into the states.

The Biden administration is putting up walls in four separate sections of the wall in Yuma, Ariz. to “make it safer to cross” because in that particular area there is a “dangerous” river that is unsafe to cross. Now you’d think that if they wanted to make it easier to get into America safely they would just build a bridge to cross the river, but now they decide that it’s better for migrants to not come in at all. The funny thing is when Trump was building his wall one of the Left’s main arguments was that walls won’t keep people out, but apparently now they do.  If you remember, Biden has previously said “there will not be another foot of wall constructed in my administration.” This came from an interview back in Aug. of 2020. Now all this just isn’t adding up, if he said he will not built more of Trump’s wall, then proceeds to “fill in the gaps,” because it’s “safer” for migrants to get into America then what other things has he lied about and what other things will he do to protect the people who are most likely to keep him in office in the coming election. It’s not adding up because the only reason he’s putting up those sections of the wall is for personal and political gain.  

Biden has clearly lied and changed his views about very pressing issues in ways that benefit him and his political party. Now why is someone who routinely lies to the American people and passes bills that benefit his own interest be kept as President? This is a guy who can’t remember where he is on a daily basis. A once competent President has turned into a senile old man who cant even ride a bike without falling over and giving the Left a heart attack, because they think he’ll injure himself from a small fall. In conclusion, as Biden’s incompetence becomes more evident, the American people’s disapproval for Biden grows and his re-election in 2024 will be near impossible if he can make it that far.