Importance Of Personal Hygiene

Lulu Wilkinson

Personal hygiene is a big essential to a human’s health and the body.

It’s very important to always keep up on your personal hygiene, there are many sicknesses roaming everywhere you go and your body can pick them up. It’s good to always wash your hands everywhere you go, such as after making dinner. Brushing your teeth two times a day, washing your hands daily, washing your face, and taking care of your body can just prevent you from getting illnesses. 

Keeping good hygiene can prevent you from getting others sick and spreading diseases around. Germs and bacteria can build up if you don’t clean your body thoroughly.

It’s very good to take care of yourself daily. You’re not only protecting yourself, you’re actually protecting others from getting a sickness they may not be able to handle. Just doing the bare minimum to keep yourself healthy and clean can save you and others from disease.