Extreme Weather Shuts Down Twitter


Cole Blubaum

California isn’t a stranger to heat waves, and even though the back end of summer is approaching, damage is still being done. For over a week, a vital data center for the admired social media platform Twitter has been knocked down due to extreme weather. 

Thankfully, Twitter has multiple data centers located in cities including Portland and Atlanta. These centers have been warned but are still fully in action. It seems that if another building is shut down, users may experience roadblocks. Regarding the Sacramento crash, Carrie Fernandez, the company’s vice president of engineering, mentioned, All production changes, including deployments and releases to mobile platforms, are blocked with the exception of those changes required to address service continuity or other urgent operational needs.” 

As colder weather approaches, it is expected that these conundrums will be less and less common rounding out the year. Usually Sacramento has a low of about 39 degrees in the winter, so it is not predicted for there to be mishaps due to the cold.