The Southern and Western Regions of Puerto Rico Continue Without Power After Hurricane Fiona For Nine Days


Isabella Flores-pena

Two-thirds of consumers in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico have remained in darkness nine days after Hurricane Fiona. Along with Aguadilla and many other regions in the southern and western regions as well have been left powerless. In the northeast the power has been mostly restored where the storm had caused less damage. With that it leaves mayors in the southern and western regions with little to be happy with. 


 Luma Energy, a Canadian-American private company is responsible for power distribution and power transmission for Puerto Rico. They have not been very efficient for restoring power. Roldán Concepción took matters into his own hands and asked permission to gather men and to bring fallen post lights and cables back up to where they belong. He did this to help Luma rebuild as much as they could on their own.


Former employees from Puerto Rico Power Authority before Luma was responsible for