Hurricane Ian to Hit Florida


Laila Richardson Jenkins

Hurricane season has come in full effect this season. Just last week Hurricane Fiona made landfall as a Category four hurricane in Puerto Rico and had caused $2-4 billions in damage in northern Canada.

Now this week on Sept. 282022, Hurricane Ian has made landfall in Cuba and is headed towards the state of Florida. Cuba is now in the dark because the hurricane has knocked out the power to the country in Cuba and 11 million people have no power. When the storm hit the island only One* million had no power but when the storm pillaged through the entire power grid collapsed.

The authorities have said that they are still assessing the damage but so far no fatalities. The authorities have set up shelters and have taken precautions to protect the crops that they have left over from the storm. The people of Cuba call this Hurricane apocalyptic and a huge disaster. After Ian has pillaged through Cuba the storm has gotten stronger and has turned into a Category 5 hurricane and Florida braces for a historic hurricane, maybe one of the worst ever seen.

As of right now the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis has stated it is too late for anyone to evacuate safely as they are hours away from the Hurricane making landfall. Ian is expected to make landfall just north of Fort Myers this afternoon. In Hamilton news we are so close to fall break just a few more days. Stay strong Huskies!!!