Outrage in Iran since the wrongful death of Masha Amini

Laila Richardson Jenkins

Since September there has been an uproar of protest in the country of Iran since Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old from Kurdistan province, was visiting Tehran on Sept. 13.

She was detained by the morality police claiming that her hijab/headscarf was too loose. After she was detained she fell into a coma and died in a hospital three days later. The government claims she fell ill due to a heart attack and the state corner said that this was a result of a pre-existing medical  condition yet her family says she had no history of medical problems before and she had bruises on her legs and body.Her father believes that she was abused in custody of Iran’s Morality police and that there was foul play involved in her death. This started an uproar from women all over Iran as they went to the streets to protest in order to get justice for Masha Amini.

Iran is one of the only countries with this strict of a hijab policy on women. To enforce these rules on women Iran put into place The Morality police which is an element of Iran law enforcement. They were established in the 1990s after the Iran-Iraq war. When this was put into place women were harassed or even attacked and thrown at with acid by officials or bystanders if they did not wear their hijab “correctly.”  Over the course of one month there have been mass protests across the country and waves of demonstrations. Many women and young girls have taken off their headscarves in schools and in streets in protest with the strict dress code against the women of Iran. It was estimated since the start of the protest out of the 215 people that were killed 27 of them were children. Journalists have been silenced and blocked from apps like instagram and Whatsapp but they still have been finding ways to get the information out to the public. Many are saying that the efforts the world showed Ukraine in their time of need to show the same with the women and people of Iran as they are going through their time of need of support.