Instagram Experiencing a Catastrophic Glitch

Cole Blubaum

The groundbreaking social media platform Instagram is notorious for glitches and bugs, but has it gone too far this time? Starting Monday, Oct. 3t 2022, Instagram had a mass account hacking leaving many users distressed. 

It is noted that thousands of clients were inconvenienced. Evidently, affected users received a popup message reading that their account had been suspended for 30 days. This led to lots of rage on popular platforms such as Snapchat and Twitter. Run by Meta, it was announced that administrators would be “looking into the problem.”

The glitch is yet to be fully resolved and users are still in full panic. Instagram being one of the largest social media platforms in the world, a mass deletion of accounts would be catastrophic to some. This is also extremely ironic as another social media network, WhatsApp, had a worldwide shut down less than a week ago. As assumed, many users are getting fed up with the constant malfunctions.