Chaos Across Twitter Ensues

Cole Blubaum

When thinking of modern day pop culture, it is impossible to avoid the impact social media has had on society. Enumerating 82 percent of the population, it truly has reset the world.  Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are all examples of these platforms. With these desired softwares, it truly takes a team to manage. Post exit of the previous CEO, billionaire Elon Musk has since taken over Twitter. 

Ranked #15 on the top social media chart, it has single handedly become one of the most used apps there is. Elon Musk roots from the car enterprise, Tesla. It is estimated that Musk has flourished around $13.3 billion dollars from his vehicle empire alone. When it was announced that he would be taking over the bluebird app, it wasn’t a huge shock. What came as a surprise was the changes he would further make within his first week in office. Unlike the past, Musk has initiated an $8 fee for the right to be verified on the app. He also raised the verification opportunity to anyone willing to subscribe. 

It is hoped that Musk is just getting in the groove of his new position and that things will be back in order soon. Still, a wave of concern spreads at the thought of no solution as the app attracts 300 million users daily. Musk is known to bring business to mass levels of success so there is hope in the future.