Midterm Elections

Midterm Elections

Laila Richardson Jenkins

This week on Nov. 8 people went out to vote for the midterm elections. There are many offices up for grabs but the main two are the senate and house seats. This round of election might not have president Joe Biden’s name on the ballot but it’s almost just as important. The Senators and Representatives the people of the united states elect into office this week will affect how the biden administration runs for the next two years of the president’s term. The states we are really looking at are Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. These are known as swing states. During the presidential election of 2020 these six states that are usually Red states swung blue and this surprise won Biden the presidency. Now we will see if these states stay Blue or go right back to red for the midterm elections. Some major issues and concerns the american people have and that are affecting there choices in who there voting for are The Econmy, Abortion Rights, and crime.

The Economy

Many of the American voters are worried about the economy. This includes higher gas prices, inflation on food, clothes etc. After the pandemic with everything closing the world had a major halt on production. This affected things like the prices of everyday necessities. Now inflation is on the rise, the housing market has shot up in price and gas prices did surge but are starting to decrease. The American people wonder if this will still be a huge problem in the near future and have concerns on if the people they are voting for will do something about it.


Abortion Rights

Another major topic helping people decide who to vote during these midterms are Abortion Rights. In June 4,  2022 the Supreme Court overturned Roe V Wade which was a supreme court case that protected a women’s constitutional right to choose.This caused states with a trigger ban to automatically ban abortions in there states. These Republican led states banned abortions causing people to travel or even terminate there pregnancy on there own leading to dangerous outcomes. In some states a doctor could be fined or even have to serve jail time if they preform an abortion. In some of these Republican led states there are no exceptions. If it is a rape victim, a stillborn birth or even a women who would die if they give birth. States like Kentucky, Michigan and others abortion rights still are subject to change. This hopefully will prompt young women to go out and vote in their state to protect their right to choose. To protect them and others who may be in a situation where they can’t.


Soft On Crime

Lastly, Republicans are trying to paint their democratic counterparts as soft on crime. They claim that shooting and murders are very evident in blue led cities and Democrats wont do anything about it. Democrats flip their narrative and blame them on the crime epidemic around the US. They blame the new crime epidemic on Republicans’ very loose views and laws on gun control.


If you are age 18 and above please use your right to vote for people who you think should be put in charge of our country and who should put laws in place that you believe are right. Go out and Vote!