Live Nation Under Siege

Live Nation Under Siege

Laila Richardson Jenkins

This week the company Live Nation has been under review by congress discussing if their app is lawfully ok and what they need to do to make sure what has happened in the past never happens again.

Last November the pop star Taylor Swift released the tickets for her new up and coming Eras tour. Fans rushed to the app Ticketmaster for Presale and Fan Presale. With thousands of fans on the app urging to buy tickets the app seemed to have crashed causing many upset and frustrated. The app crashed leaving people to buy resale tickets sold by retailers for as much as $20,000. In some cases the app took the money from the users credit card but did not send verification for their ticket or if they even got a ticket at all. After that entire fiasco fans still believed they had hoped to get the tickets at an understandable price but they were deviated to hear that Ticketmaster has canceled it. Live Nation, which is the parent company to Ticketmaster released a statement telling fans they are so sorry for the inconvenience and they apologized to the pop star Swift saying they are doing everything in their power to fix it.

Congress has made it their mission to put Live Nation up for trial. Democratic and Republican senators come together to question if they have a Monopoly in the Industry. A monopoly is a market structure where a single seller or producer assumes a dominant position in an industry or a sector and is often looked down upon and discouraged in business models. Not only did congress start a trial questioning the ethics of Ticketmaster but also the Justice Department. Ticketmaster apologized about the random crashes and blamed it on a lot of web traffic but on the same day the times reported that the Justice Department launched an antitrust investigation because this is not the only time this has happened. The Huge latin pop star Bad Bunny had a concert in Mexico with the fans having the same problems causing half the stadium to be empty but stating it as sold out on the app. This caused the president of Mexico to say a statement condemning the company.

With big artists like Beyonce and many others touring the globe for their concerts, Ticketmaster might not be the one to sell these tickets. This huge company may be over if this keeps happening for other artists.